FormalAddress 4.0.0 Release Notes

Looks much the same but very different. FormalAddress is no longer split into simple and pro versions. FormalAddress 4 is it.

Overall recognition has been improved and refined but there are some major additions.

FormalAddress can now (try to) recognize tables, email & phone lists, and composite addresses (where multiple addresses are clumped together).

It can also read spreadsheet and database files in comma- and tab-separated format and provides an easy way to assign their columns to address fields. If you copy from a spreadsheet and paste using Replace With Paste or Paste Spreadsheet , the Table Editor will activate rather than the free-form recognizer.

Formalized addresses are persistent. If you quit after formalizing because your uncle arrived at the door with some wine, your data will still be there when you open FormalAddress the next morning after some coffee. This is true for one address and true for thousands of addresses.

You can save formalized addresses in a Workspace and return to them any time to complete your review. You can process a lot of addresses: tens of thousands at once. (Attempting to proofread tens of thousands of addresses at once is not recommended.)

Other changes:

All Text is One Contact has been retired. It was ungainly. Instead there is a Merge button. If you copy a single address with separated lines, FormalAddress will notice that and suggest merging them. It is not dumb: it looks at the group and decides whether individual entries comprise an “address” before suggesting the merge. It won’t suggest merging random chicken parts. You can do this manually but be careful—merging 20 contacts is not a good idea. There is still a single-space button to use if necessary.

Canada   Québecois will discover their addresses are more accurately recognized.

Brazil   Major improvements to Brazilian address recognition.

Austria   Austrian addresses listed in the reverse, “Hungarian”, style are now recognized.

Ireland   Eircode is now recognized while still preserving the old system for traditionalists.

Spain   Spanish address recognition now includes thousands of “Municipios” and, while we’re at it, some other countries got similar treatment.

FormalAddress assigns a certainty to each recognition (exceedingly vague). You can now filter the contact list by its certainty. If the list is large, you’re better off clicking on the scale rather than dragging.

You can now “Mark”   entries so it’s easy to move from the “Edinburgh” group at the top of the list to the one at the bottom without losing the selections. It’s much more useful than you would think: Find contacts in Stuttgart; mark them; contacts in Frankfurt; mark them; jump from mark to mark to proof read them; Export. Useful.

Recognition of major social network id’s. (Is this really necessary?)

The Source Text Editor has yet more ways to clean-up text prior to formalizing it.  Single- & double-space lines. Remove a group of lines containing one phrase to a line containing another phrase. Use the Reorder function to rearrange a group of lines and repeat that with similar groups throughout the source text. The Extract Columns function will convert a table to a stream of text in column-major order. All these functions can be limited by selecting text except Find & Replace and Reorder .

Addition of easy searches for records that are Edited , Omitted Marked , or Exported .

If only a single phone number is recognized you can set a preference to always move it to the cell phone field.

All group editing functions ( The Stamp, Paste Edits, Marking, Omitting, Step Forward & Backward ) now work on thousands of records at once. They slow down past 50,000 or so because the undo record is updated for each contact. If you’re doing that kind of major editing you may want to get out your trusty text editor before importing the data into FormalAddress or export to a database like Panorama or Filemaker to do final heavy editing.

FormalAddress now registers an address recognition service with the system. Go to System Preferences / Keyboard / Shortcuts / Services to set a keyboard shortcut.

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