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Let’s Turn This On Its Head First

FormalAddress 4 is very powerful. It can gather thousands of contacts at once. Are you sure they want to hear from you? Really sure?

The Website

We do not use cookies. The only records of your visit are the primitive logs that all web servers store. If we work at it, we could find out that, on Monday, someone visited the website from somewhere around Dubuque, IA, USA. We don't bother.

FormalAddress 4 Itself

If you save contacts to Apple Contacts the system will ask you for permission to access Contacts the first time you do it. Subsequently, FormalAddress will access the Contacts database to save contacts or to update them. FormalAddress does not use any “cloud” services. It does provide links to the website in the Help menu for your convenience when you finally break down and decide to read the manual.


If you send an email to support or sales, we have your email address. You would probably like us to reply to your question. We don't do anything else with your address.


Customers who live in the European Union may request to have their data corrected or deleted under the General Data Protection Regulation. If you wish to do so, please e-mail

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