Automator Services for FormalAddress

If you often clip addresses from web pages and text files you may find these automator workflows useful.

Download the appropriate workflow, double-click the downloaded .zip archive, then double-click the resulting workflow file to install it as a service.

Go to your System Preferences, select the Keyboard Preference, and click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab. Select Services from the list and choose a keyboard shortcut for the FormalAddress service.

You can open these in Automator to see precisely how they work but basically selected text is copied to the clipboard, FormalAddress is activated, and then the Replace With Paste menu option is selected.

Note: Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks has an added security feature where scripts that use Access for Assistive Devices (as these do) must be authorized for individual applications. The first time you use a service with an application (Safari, for instance), you will be asked for authorization. You will only be asked once per application.

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